Posted on Jan 13, 2021

University HQ

What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s in Accounting?

A bachelor’s degree in accounting opens many doors for young professionals. Depending on their individual interests, accountants can enter the working world as an IT professional, tax expert, legal consultant, or management auditor. A four-year degree in accounting also provides many students with a fantastic background for the world of high finance.
Accounting students who take an interest in finance can begin careers in investment banking as analysts. These are typically two-year positions that prepare young professionals for a life in business. Most go directly into an MBA program from their investment bank though others find positions in their focus industry.
Essentially, a bachelor’s degree in accounting opens up doors in every industry or organization. Further, a graduate with an accounting degree could work as an independent bookkeeper and help many small businesses in their local area. For those who wish to take their practice to the next level, most state Boards of Accountancy allow undergraduate degree-holders to sit for the CPA examinations.

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