Posted on Jan 13, 2021

University HQ

Is an MBA Worth It? Considerations

A Master of Business Administration degree has long been considered the ticket to business success. The degree itself started gaining popularity in the 1980s when a lot of businesses experienced more deregulation and thus more growth. Now, there are MBA programs in most any larger town, and often multiple programs to choose from. While many have found that their MBA, or any business graduate degree, brings them improved success, there are also costs involved.

To help future MBA students weigh these costs and benefits, we created this page. Here we've considered all the factors that go into deciding whether or not to attend a graduate business program. These factors are specific enough to the issue, but broad enough to include everyone's situation, so that they can be used as a starting point in one’s decision-making process. One should use this information to help make their best decision of whether or not to pursue an MBA. We wish you the best luck with your graduate school career.

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