Posted on Jan 15, 2021

University HQ

What You Need to Know About College Application Deadlines and the Process

Are you or a loved one planning to apply for college in the near future? While the application process is designed to be approachable for all students and their guardians, it is multifaceted and can sometimes be perceived as confusing or overwhelming for first-time applicants. There are many factors to consider, as well as terminology and deadlines with which you will need to become familiar. It’s also important to be aware of potential resources that can help you along the way. Overall, it can be very helpful to review some of this basic information before applying to your first college or university.

Learn About:
-The Definitions of Terms of Applications
-When Do College Applications Open?
-What Will You Need
-Tracking Application Deadlines
-Where to Apply
-College Application Platforms
-Appealing a Rejected Application

This guide and tutorial will walk you through the deadlines and the application process.

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